Dirt drag racing the pit at Virginia Motor Speedway

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Some are all-motor, some are nitrous injected, and some a blown. They’re all FAST! Check out the dirt drag action from the pit area at Virginia Motor Speedway in Jamaica, Virginia. These rooster tail-slinging hotrods would be right at home on the drag strip, but instead compete to see who can blitz the dirt track the quickest.

This event, the 2016 Down and Dirty VA Run-A-Muck Mud Bog and Mud Sling, hosted a wide assortment of badass dirt slingers to see who was the quickest on the property. Among the rails and roadsters, a full size pickup shows up and makes a pretty impressive run, showing his mettle against the lightweight competitors.

Check out the action on the dirt drag strip and let us know which one impressed you the most!