Driver Defends himself flying through streets in tricked out VW Bug

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Some time ago, we caught up with a video that showed off an incredible Volkswagen Bug dune buggy ripping its way through the streets of San Diego.

In the display that reminded us a little something of a home brewed Gymkhana, the driver would tear up the streets, using public roads and features as his playground.

While almost two million watched the video online and admired the driving abilities, law enforcement wasn’t taking so kindly to the display that took place on public streets.

When the man finally caught up with the driver, he was slapped with a ton of charges and could do nothing but accept them as they came.

This time, we are able to catch up with the driver and hear his retorts to naysayers and divulge upon the thoughts behind filming this video and if he has learned a lesson from the experience or not.

We would venture to say that he’ll probably avoid some of the steps here in the future if he does decide to attack the streets again.