Drivers Complaining About Hard Racing Get Told To Stop Crying!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Those of us who long for the days past when you could speak your mind without worrying about hurting somebody’s feelings are becoming the outcast minority it seems. We are served daily reminders of the repercussions of speaking our mind, seeing our conservative brethren met with a firestorm of criticism anytime we dare have an opinion that doesn’t align with that of the “open minded, tolerant” leftists.

It would stand to reason that the hard-edged, testosterone-fueled world of motorsports would be a safe haven for the good ol’ boys, but even that world has proven fallible. All too often, we hear NASCAR drivers on the radio complaining about other drivers racing them “too hard”, even though if you watch NASCAR you know these incidents wouldn’t even register on the scale of “hard racing” 15 years ago.

Excuse my language (see, it’s even started to affect me subconsciously), but what the hell is that?

Legendary NASCAR crew chief turned commentator Larry McReynolds has had all he can handle of this trend and decided to speak his mind about it. As you might imagine, an old school badass like McReynolds has no problem saying exactly what is on his mind with little concern for whose feelings he might hurt, and while he doesn’t go after anybody in particular, there are some clips with radio chatter that are played while McReynolds is ranting that kind of clue us in on who he may be talking about.

Hopefully Larry’s diatribe will be the wakeup call that these drivers need to remind them that they are stock car racing, not stock car cruising. It seems these guys want everybody else to take it easy on them and only pass when there is room, and to move out of the way if the guy behind them is faster. I hate to break it to them, but as Days of Thunder’s iconic crew chief Harry Hogge – played by the incomparable Robert Duvall – pointed out to Cole Trickle, “Rubbin’ is racing!”

Drivers need to STOP whining about being "raced too hard"

#McReynoldsRant: Drivers need to STOP whining about being "raced too hard."

Posted by NASCAR on FOX on Sunday, July 29, 2018