Elegant, Powerful And EXPENSIVE! The Porsche Powerboat!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Elegant, Powerful And EXPENSIVE! The Porsche Powerboat!

We think that we may have stumbled upon the ultimate toy for the Porsche enthusiast in your family. When that enthusiast has decided that the memorabilia is enough and it’s time to step into the big leagues, they may want to check out this Porsche inspired boat.

Here is what the uploader had to say about this Mercury powered Porsche design:

“This luxury speedboat can be defined as the perfect marriage of performance and esthetics. Its individual elegance, combined with the very latest materials and construction techniques, take luxury speedboats to heights of excellence never known before.

Inside and out, technical sophistication, power and elegance harmonize. The modular hull construction stands out through its sweeping lines.

The unique design idiom continues into the cockpit with its innovatively designed control panel and custom-made teak floor.”

Check out the boat and all of its details in the video below!