Ever Seen a Boat Car Cruising Down The Freeway? #MERICA

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Well… Now you have!

We’re not sure if this road going boat is actually capable of driving into the water and taking the driver over to his secret honey hole, or if the driver simply loves boating so much he wanted the same experience on his daily commute. Either way, you can’t deny the “Wait… what?” factor of looking in the lane beside you and seeing what certainly looks like a bass boat.

We would like to track down the owner of this boat car and find out more about what it can and can’t do as far as hitting the water, but regardless of it’s seafaring capabilities, we’re impressed with the craftsmanship and originality, and the fact that he’s hauling butt down the freeway as if he’s late to a fishing date somewhere.