Every Car in 'Fast & Furious' Series Explained By The Guy Who Built Them

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As we all know, the cast of the Fast and the Furious franchise have become some of the most well-known actors and actresses around due to the series’s massive amounts of success but just as important as the cast can be the cars that appear on screen. Some of them become just as memorable as the people behind the wheel.

Now, with eight installments in the books and an ever-evolving storyline, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are almost more cars involved than anyone can even count and this time, we’re checking out every last car that played some sort of center of attention role in the movies.

Who is giving us the lowdown? Well, thanks to this featurette from WIRED, we’re able to catch up with the guy who actually had the responsibility of putting all of the cars together. Who would be better to give us the complete rundown of the cars and tell us a little about them along with why exactly he felt that the fit so well in the series.

Check out the video down below that gives us a behind the scenes look at these silver screen stars, all of which have gathered some sort of admiration from fans across the world. Heck, some people even love them so much that they’ve taken it upon themselves to build replicas of the machines!