There Are Actually Ferrari Models That Most Regular People Could Probably Afford

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Exotic cars are some of the most sought after on the road. With names like “Ferrari” or “Lamborghini,” aggressive styling takes over. Italian heritage oozes from every pore as these things scream when you lay into that accelerator.

So if they’re so awesome, why don’t more people have them? Well, to make a long story short, the simple answer is cost. We’re sure that a supercar isn’t for everybody, even if it were affordable. However, we don’t think that most folks would have an issue adding one to the garage.

If there’s one thing about these cars that many probably didn’t expect, it’s that not all of them are outrageously priced. In fact, some exotics can be incredibly affordable.

Now, to hop into the majority of decent Italian supercars, the investment is still probably going to be pretty steep. When we talk about cars being “cheap,” we mean that they’re comparable to things like brand-new Corvettes. However, there is a slice of the pie that can be had for a very modest budget.

For someone who doesn’t mind getting an older model that might not be as sought-after, the goal is entirely possible. In fact, there are some examples of Ferraris going for $20,000 or less. These are cars that you can hop right in and drive as well.

By following along with the video below from Ideal Media, we get to explore just that phenomenon. While these might not be the cars that people think of when they think “Ferrari,” some of them still have a bit of curb appeal. The only thing we would probably be very aware of is that maintaining some of these might not exactly be the most affordable task.

Hey, if you’re into finding out if it’s worth the ride, though, maybe it’s something to explore.