GoPro: H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing - Carnage, Wrecks And Flips

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When checking out this video of the Unlimited Hydroplane racing series, you’ll quickly realize that this is the fastest racing on water.

If you’re traveling on the water at speeds north of 200mph with a competitor inches from your boat and pieces shuttering and even breaking, the adrenaline can really kick in.

Check out all the action from a race including some intense onboard footage from the folks at GoPro. If the racing itself isn’t intense enough for you, watch as one of the competitors catches the wake of a competitor and goes for a tumble.

This video comes as the result of 100 years of innovation in the boat racing field and GoPro most definitely delivers on the production value front as usual, making this one hell of a video to watch.