GSXR Crashes into a Nissan Versa, Why is the The Guy Carrying a Pick Axe in His Pants?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

A moment in this video leaves us scratching our heads, and we think it will have you saying “WTF?” too.

It’s not the moment this motorcycle rider slams into the back of this Nissan Versa after the car’s driver hit the brakes unexpectedly as the bike approached from the rear at speed. It’s not the moment that the bike does nearly a full front flip after the impact, slamming the rider to the asphalt like a rag doll.

Instead, it’s the moment when the rider finally lays down to try to regain his composure and the Good Samaritan that’s stopped to help pulls a 2′ long pick axe out of his pants. As always, the comments are fully of speculation about the reason for the pick axe, from it being a weapon of retaliation for idiot drivers on the road to it having been used to help in the theft of the bike – notice around the 3:55 mark, there is no key in the ignition – and that the crash was a dose of karma for the alleged thief. Regardless of the reason for the pick axe, it makes for a legitimate “What the…?” moment the likes of which we’ve never seen!