Gutted Tesla P100D Causes Problems - $1900 Cash Days Street Race

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve seen this Tesla beat up on purpose built drag cars at the drag strip, so now we get to see how it does on an un-prepped surface against some cash days competitors. Racing backwards up the drag strip, this cash days style event brought out some healthy sounding hotrods and the eerily quiet Tesla certainly looks like its out of place, but as usual, the P100D puts in work.

Charles in the Tesla rolls right through the competition, with the closest race coming from a boosted Mustang with nitrous that reels hard on top end, but can’t catch the lightning quick Tesla. The rest of the races go the Tesla’s way easily, including the bonus grudge race at the end, where Charles manages to talk his way into getting the break, meaning the other driver has to wait for the Tesla to launch before he leaves the line.

Once again, the P100D emerges as a wickedly impressive car, especially considering it is whisper quiet and just looks like a typical mom-mobile at first glance!