Guy On a Motorcycle Saves a Girls Life - Good Samaritan!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When you’re out and cruising the roadways, a lot can happen in a matter of seconds and the woman behind the wheel of what appears to be a Mercedes-Benz of some sort almost learned that lesson the hard way.

When driving along, it looks like a piece of cardboard got stuck up under her car, not normally a big deal, however, a combination of factors here decided to make it a big deal. When the piece of garbage got too hot, it would end up going up in flames.

Luckily, before the fire got too big, a good samaritan on a motorcycle pointed it out and helped to remove it from under the car before a car fire ensued!

Check out the video below that shows the quick action that could have possibly even gone as far as saving a life. If the fire would’ve gotten out of hand, this situation could have turned deadly!