Video Digs Into Hidden Features of the Tesla Cybertruck

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

If there’s one thing that we’ve noticed about Tesla, it’s that they really pay attention to the details. In the bigger picture, there’s no debating that they’re innovators. One look at the big things they’ve done well, like electric propulsion and autonomous driving, it’s obvious that they operate on a high level.

What is really going to set them apart from the pack as they move forward, though, is the attention to detail. Elon Musk seems like a CEO that wouldn’t let just any old product slide. Instead, every component of his vehicles seems to be very well thought out. Even with incorporating some simple features that might seem frivolous, they’ve helped paint the bigger picture.

When it comes to the new Tesla Cybertruck, again, we see a groundbreaking innovation. As far as the big picture items go, the truck is obviously designed like a spaceship, provides a bulletproof shell, and does all sorts of other things that just are unexpected. However, when it comes to the different nuances of the truck, we can’t help but wonder what the company is going to come up with. How will all of the small details come together?

This time, thanks to the YouTube user by the name of Electrified, we get the opportunity to figure out just that. While most people are talking about the main features of the truck, this video takes a slightly different approach. Instead, it takes the time to pick out different small features that we might not have noticed. Some of them are speculatory. However, others seem to be hiding in plain sight.

From how the truck will integrate tie-downs for cargo to its recycled paper dashboard, there’s a lot of watercooler talk. When it comes down to it, Musk might be the only guy who can cause controversy over a dashboard. Perhaps, that’s one of the factors that makes his companies so successful.