How Not To Back Your Boat in the Water!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We get that reversing with a trailer is hard, but this guy might have had the hardest time we’ve ever seen getting his small boat into the water. We will say up front that the shorter a trailer is, the harder it is to maneuver in reverse, so backing into the water with such a short trailer wouldn’t be something most drivers get right on their first try.

However, it does seem like this guy seemed to be having a particularly hard time getting the hang of keeping the boat behind the truck and lined up with the water’s edge. The process isn’t impossible if you know how to catch the trailer when it first starts to move one way or the other in the mirror and correct the steering wheel to compensate. However this driver seems to not only have a hard time catching the movement, but also seems to correct the wrong direction each time, which immediately makes the problem worsen quickly.

This guy definitely needs to do something many of us could benefit from: practice! There’s a better time for learning to back up with a trailer than when you’re actually blocking up the boat ramp while you try to get a grip on the process!