I Think I Will Just Park My Massive Helicopter Right Here!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Imagine this: It’s Monday morning and you’re on your way to work, plowing your way down the highway and listening to your favorite song to make those last couple of moments before you step into the office enjoyable moments. Now, as you’re cruising along the road, just imagine a helicopter coming out of nowhere and touching down on the ground in front of you, blocking the road to where you need to go. As one YouTube commenter pointed out, that would most certainly be a good excuse to be late for work.

This time, we check out a video that shows off exactly that as that as a Blackhawk helicopter needed to find a place to land so that someone on board could hop out and provide help for a medical emergency and it just so happened that, when touching down at this location in Alaska, the best place to land would be right in the middle of a highway, briefly halting traffic so that they could tend to the person or people in need.

As a result, we get a show that’s pretty fun to watch as this seemingly random act has a helicopter making its home right in the middle of traffic. I’m sure that some of these people driving along the road had to pinch themselves to make sure that what they were seeing was real because it’s not every day, obviously, that you get to see a helicopter touch down on the road in front of you.

Check out the video below as someone captures this once-in-a-lifetime moment that these motorists experienced for themselves. I’m not sure what I would do first after experiencing a time like this but one thing is for sure, I would definitely have to pull out my phone and start recording like the people here did!