If You Didn't Want a Pre Runner Before This Video WIll Change Your Mind!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Ford’s F150 Raptor created a whole new niche within the truck segment. With a long travel suspension, a powerful V8 under the hood and decidedly edgy off-road styling, the truck was a smash hit with fans both for it’s off roading capabilities and its undeniable curb appeal. The truck sold very well and prompted an refresh that found the truck powered by a more powerful but less-masculine EcoBoost engine that lacked the manly growl we’d come to expect – Speed Society bought one of each versions – so the third iteration will go back to big V8 power and number the output yet again.

When the EcoBoost version came out, Ford tapped off-road wheelman Johnny Angal to jump in their version of a trophy truck build based on the production model Raptor. Make no mistake, this is a fairly heavily modified build that is quite a bit beefier than the stock Raptor, but much of what rolled off of Ford’s assembly line is still in tact showing how much Ford got right when building this truck.

I wish we had more information about the actual build, but just looking at the video and accompanying photos, some changes are pretty clear. The long-travel shocks are probably the most obvious upgrade, with these monster dampers serving to keep the truck from bottoming out when Johnny takes it over these big jumps to field test the suspension. Theres’ some pretty beefy A-Arms that don’t appear to be stock as well, along with an upgraded cooling system and exhaust to help the engine breathe better.

The interior has been slightly reworked to allow for a rollcage but still features much of the factory plastic and dash. Upgraded seats with racing harnesses keep the occupants secured over the bumps and jumps. You can see in the video that the truck takes whatever is thrown at it like a champ, proving just how badass this Raptor truly is!