Introducing "Seabiscuit" LS Turbo Nissan 240

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Among the most common of engine swaps is obviously that of the LS. You can find those engines in anything from boats to airplanes to Ford Mustangs and everything in between. “Why is this engine swap so popular?” you might ask. Well, it has gained traction for the simple fact that it’s affordable and it works.

In this one, we check out a sort of build that has become mighty popular these days where a budget is stretched to the max and the car is pieced together with a lot of ingenuity and creativity that results in something that the builder can really be proud to say that they created.

This time, we check out another LS swap and this time, import and domestic are combined to form an awesome combination that spools up and scoots down the strip! Check out the video below as the guys over at NXGonzo catch the action from this boosted v8 on a mission!