Judge Lets Him Off Because of a Cop's Hilarious Response To His Burnout

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you just so happen to be a gearhead, you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve never ended up in a situation where you have been ticketed and ended up in front of the judge with a police officer standing there testifying everything that he thinks he saw you do. It’s almost never a good situation because even if you win, you end up spending a lot of time and potentially money to defend yourself anyway. However, every once in a while, when you get caught up in a situation like this, you might end up getting incredibly lucky and walking away without too much damage being done.

This time, we check out a unique situation as one driver behind the wheel the 500 hp station wagon ends up laying into the throttle at exactly the wrong time, lighting up the tires into a miraculous smoke show right in front of the police officer. As the entire thing was caught on dash cam, it seems like this driver was dead to rights. I mean, what is he going to do, march into court and say that he didn’t do it and that the video was all some sort of mirage? Well, the solution to this problem is actually a lot simpler and a little bit funnier than you might have imagined.

If you check out the VinWiki YouTube video down below, you’ll be able to join in as you hear all about the story that goes from burnouts to drug running and eventually a judge that thinks the whole thing is so funny that he basically throws it out. This is certainly one obscure series of events that would lead to this driver being about the luckiest that his pro bono lawyer had ever come across. Oh yeah, somehow, he managed to bag the otherwise expensive lawyer, free of charge, as well.