Kenjo Kelley Laying Down The Hammer At Lights Out 9

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Texas BBQ kingpin KenJo Kelley brought his brand new twin-turbocharged pro mod-style Mustang to Lights Out 9 to take on the baddest radial hotrods on the planet. Radial vs the World, the Wild West Shootout brainchild of promoter Donald Long, pairs an amazing variety of cars with one another on a level playing field thanks to the carefully chosen weight breaks and penalties given to each power adder combination. In any given pair, you will find boosted big blocks, twin turbo small blocks, screw blown big small blocks, roots and screw blown big blocks and hemis, and nitrous huffing mountain motors, any of which are fully capable of winning the class.

KenJo chose to go the twin turbo big block route with a ProLine Racing Engines combo that cranks out a ton of power under the swoopy hood of his new Mustang pro mod. The car was brand new for this event and ProLine had tuner Josh Ledford on board with KenJo and crew to help crack the magic combo that would allow the car to put down as much of the power as possible In his first hit in the car, Kelley put up a respectable A-to-B pass of 4.16 seconds.

After heading back to the pits and looking over the data, Ledford dialed up more power for the second hit, which parlayed into a much quicker 4.01 ET at over 190 MPH, much improved but still well short of the combination’s full potential. Kelley would advance to the third round, where he faced off with eventual runner up Keith Haney, and gave Haney a handful when Ledford dialed up a stout 3.91 elapsed time. However, Haney had all of the nitrous in his pro mod-style Camaro set perfectly and laid down a 3.81 to advance to the semifinals.

There’s still plenty more power in Kelley’s Mustang, a car that should be capable of running deep into the 3.70’s as he gets more comfortable behind the wheel and Ledford gets more data to work with and continue to refine the tune. Look for more of this car in RvsW soon!