Knockout rock bouncer racing - Rock Rods episode 23

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

From what we have seen so far, the Rock Rods series has always managed to bring the best action of the off-road straight to our video devices. Traveling around the country and watching all of these performances really gives you a great appreciation for the sport.

The task at hand at this time is none other than a brand new form of racing in what is being called “Knockout Rock Bouncer Racing” and it has these insane drivers putting their machines to the test. These guys always put on a show and we most definitely have to say that the 23rd installment of the series is certainly no different.

Busted Knuckle Films describes the new form of racing by telling us that it “pits two rock bouncers in an all out drag race and up a hill climb at the same time. The rules are simple: Fastest driver out the top takes the win and rubbing is racing!”

Ride along with this insane setup of drivers and machines as they go all the way to the edge in the name of taking home victory all while they put on a show. This new form of racing could prove to get mighty interesting.