Mad Max: Fury Road with no Special Effects will blow your mind

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When you take a look at movies of old, it will really make you appreciate all of the effects that helped bring stories to life today, in modern cinema.

With the use of computer-generated effects, those folks that put together modern day movies are able to convey some insane ideas on the silver screen in immense and intricate detail.

This time, we check out what the likes of a wild fantasy flick in Mad Max, which you would think would involve a plethora of special effects to make your mind explode.

However, in this behind-the-scenes look that strips the scenes of all of their special effects, we see just how much this movie really does before the post production is left to a computer to spice it all up.

Check out the video below as we see Mad Max: Fury Road in all of its glory without the likes of a computer to back up the magic. These guys were able to carry out some truly insane things in real life, real time scenarios.