Man Fuses Together Motorcycle and Jet Ski, Creates Highway Head Turner

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you leave somebody with creativity and ability alone in a garage, you never know exactly what’s going to come of it. At various car and bike shows across the country, you have probably seen some pretty wacky creations come to life that show exactly what could come about if someone with a little bit of ingenuity and some obscure ideas is able to combine all those pieces together into one functioning vehicle and this time, the result is really fun to take a look at as it’s definitely a conversation piece rolling down the road.

In this quick clip, we get to check out something that we really wish we could find more info about. As you watch these bikers make their way down the highway in a pretty large cruise, eventually, you come across one biker who doesn’t really seem to fit in with the rest. That’s because his motorcycle body has been ditched in favor of a jet ski body. It almost gives you sort of the illusion of a jet ski simply hovering down the highway. This would only leave you to imagine that this fellow gets some rather obscure looks, rolling down the highway in his tank top and bathing suit on board the Sea-Doo.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get a glimpse at a situation that definitely isn’t one that you’re going to see every day. After checking this one out, it almost makes you wonder what else this individual has wrenched on and what his collection looks like. If the other vehicles that he rolls around in are anything like this, well, that collection is something that we totally want to feast our eyes on. We can’t even imagine what else is going on in terms of potential creations in this guy’s head.