Miniature Ken Block RC truck with the Hoonigan Ford Fiesta on board!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

The guys and gals over in the remote control community really have the hobby pinned down as they have recreated just about anything you could imagine from a real-life scenario and brought it into their world.

This time, we check out a wild replica of Ken Block‘s Ford Fiesta rally machine and it’s hauler that have been scaled down to a more manageable size.

The detail in this creation is really astonishing as it looks like whoever went through the trouble to put this together really took their time in making sure that every last detail on the combination was just right as to be the most impressive.

Check out the video that gets up close and personal with the mini-Block and tell us what you think of this combination that was created to impress and does a good job of carrying out that duty.

If you could shrink down any real-life scenario, figure, or something else to a miniature remote control version of itself, what would it be?