Mysterious Numbers in New Dodge Demon Ad Have the Car Community Going Nuts

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Little by little, Dodge has been releasing tidbits of information about what we can expect to see with the latest and greatest with their super Dodge Challenger otherwise known as the Dodge Demon and this week, we get a little insight into what can be expected with the suspension underneath the car that will be adjustable with an all-new “Drag Mode” designed to make this thing a straight line slaying machine.

This week’s video leaves us with some fancy rendering that shows highlighted parts underneath the car that make the new Demon look like something sure he out of a Tron movie, highlighting a suspension that Dodge promises to be a drag racer’s delight. The more that the company unravels about this car, the more that it looks like it’s leaning toward an all-out drag racing machine, a sort of purpose built street car.

Check out the little teaser below that leaves us with an ominous message of “13.5=575@500” hidden toward the end that has the Internet going crazy trying to decipher exactly what it is that Dodge is trying to tell us with these seemingly random numbers that are surely anything but. Do you have any idea of what exactly this riddle could amount to?