Nasty VW Golf Mk2 WIth 1233HP! AWD Street Car Runs 8.67s @ 281KMH

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to sleepers, the Volkswagen Golf is a car that you can count on to pack a punch every time and be a complete shocker to the untrained eye. If you’ve ever seen videos of the cars cranked out from Boba Motoring, you know exactly how hard these things can crank.

Looking like nothing more than a pure street car, this nasty Volkswagen Golf MK2 will sneak up on you and shock you to the tune of 1233 hp that’s getting to the ground with all four wheels getting power. You know what that means, all of that power is efficient as this thing lurches off of the line.

When it comes to the lightweight platform and all of that power under the hood, what is it all good for? Well, as we can see here the car is able to blast home a quarter mile pass in 8.67-seconds at 281 kmh or about 175 mph! For something that looks like your grandmother might drive to church, that’s a big old head of steam!

Check out the video below that shows this sinister Golf really laying the hammer down with some AWD launches that are able to carry the car all the way down the quarter to follow through with a vengeance! It’s really amazing to see what these guys have been able to accomplish!