Nissan Announces That They're Dumping Their Diesel Truck.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Well, they tried. They really did. It was a valiant run, at that. I guess the world just wasn’t ready for a diesel-powered Titan.

America is at a weird crossroads these days. While combustion technology continues to get better, a big section of the market is leaning toward electric. This puts diesel-powered vehicles in a weird place. While it seems like diesel-powered trucks continue to sell well, cars powered by the fuel have been taking a nosedive in sales. That isn’t stopping Nissan from jumping ship, though.

Via Motor1, in a recent announcement, we learn that the company will be removing the diesel option from the Nissan Titan and Nissan Titan XD. The site got a hold of Nissan spokesperson Wendy Orthman who told them that the option will cease in December of 2019. She continues that the move is designed to better position the company for their future. Apparently, they feel as if diesel-powered technology is on the way out. With the massive emergence of electric, it wouldn’t be a big shock. Apparently, gasoline-powered trucks are going to tide the company over in the interim until they decide what’s coming next.

After such a push from the community to get these trucks made, it seems as if they survived a rather short lifecycle. The second-generation Titan introduced the 5.0L Cummins diesel in 2016. Perhaps the truck will even become a collector’s item in the future as it was such a short lifecycle.

With this news, we also learn that the truck is due for a refresh in the 2020 model year. We haven’t been given the full details on what Nissan is planning with the truck. What we do know, though, is that buyers will no longer have access to a single cab option, either. Nissan has described the refresh as “dramatic.”

Is this the beginning of a new wave of the way that we look at trucks? Only time will tell how this move looks in the scheme of overall market movement. – TFLnow.