Nissan GTR Owner Does The Unthinkable Before the Race Even Starts

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Chances are if you spend enough time at the drag strip, you’ll run across somebody pulling a “Racing Rookie” mistake like this guy.

The most common rookie mistakes involve the staging procedure itself, which can be a bit overwhelming until you’ve made a few passes. Rookies will often try to stage with the rear tires, or if they do their burnout past the starting line, the will forget to put the car back in drive after backing up and will launch in reverse. It happens, and they get their share of ribbing from their buddies.

This newcomer pulled one of the bigger goofs we’ve ever seen, pulling out of the burnout box in his GTR and heading on down the track, not bothering to stop at the starting line at all, which sent a raucous laugh through the crowd. This is definitely not the best way to introduce yourself the racing community, but at least things can’t get too much worse for this guy as he learns the ropes at the racetrack.