Paul Walker: Hidden Emails Show Porsche Joked About Carrera Crashes

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

At this point, Paul Walker will have been laid to rest for four years this coming November but, for some reason, we keep hearing whispers of lawsuits against automaker, Porsche, the manufacturer behind the car that Walker died in, being brought up and accused of being at fault in the situation.

This time, the murmurs are coming from a strain of emails that was released just a couple of days ago and put on blast by TMZ and they seem to contain some content that some of those who have been an keeping tabs on the issue find to be highly offensive and it most certainly has the Internet talking no matter what your perspective on the issue.

Now, if you aren’t up to date on what has been going on, basically Meadow Walker, the late Paul Walker’s daughter, has been pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit that claims that the Porsche Carrera shouldn’t have even been on the road in the first place. Just when we thought that it was all laid to rest, more information comes out that apparently had been excluded from the lawsuit. The emails state that about 200 of the 1,280 of the cars released have been totaled and it follows that Porsche employees continue to talk about how this boosts the rarity of the remaining cars.

Now, we’re not exactly lawyers here nor do we claim to be experts on the number of cars that are normally totaled in this class, but a situation like this where important information seems to be left out has to at least be a cause for the raising of a couple of eyebrows here and there. Check out the complete details of the information down below and be sure to tell us what you think of the revelation.