Real Life Somali Pirates vs Ship's Security Doesn't End Well for the Pirates

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you see a pirate pictured in your favorite movie or cartoon, they are generally portrayed as some kind of goofy and friendly character with a wacky sense of humor that’s an overall fun-loving individual. However, in real life, pirates aren’t exactly characters that are used for teaching or entertainment, but instead, are individuals who can be quite nasty. It’s actually kind of confusing as to how the image of a pirate has gone from somebody who makes a living on some of the worst and ugliest crimes that you could think of and has managed to somehow find its way into pop-culture as some sort of fashionable lifestyle of old.

This time, we check out the pirates that are still causing havoc to this very day and exactly what they’re all about. If you weren’t in the know, it might have seemed like pirates died off ages ago, however, they’re still very much real and still chasing down the same thing as the days of old. It just so happens to be in a very much different environment as ships cross the sea and these pirates attempt to board them, stealing what they can get their hands on and see to have value, using violence to their benefit out in the middle of the ocean where there isn’t really any sort of law enforcement to protect the innocent.

If you check out the video below, you’ll see a situation that has Somali pirates trying to board a ship, however, whoever was on top of the organization of the ship decided that having armed security on board would be in everyone’s best interest and it paid off big time.

As the pirates approached the ship and appeared as if they were about to attempt to do their worst, the armed security guards stood at attention and fired away, trying to protect those who were onboard. It’s a pretty intense confrontation and even after all that gunfire, it looks like the pirates were able to flee away to attempt to wreak havoc on another unsuspecting vessel.