REPO Gone Horribly Wrong... They Are Still in the Car!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Without having all of the essential details behind a crazy looking situation, it can be really hard to make a decision that’s accurate, however, when you see something like this unfolding in front of your own two eyes, it really makes you draw some conclusions that might make the person behind the wheel look a little bit crazy. When you look at something like this, we can’t really help but think that there are very few situations where this is going to end in a favorable way for the driver, however, that doesn’t stop him from trying to do some crazy maneuvering anyway.

When the person who we presume to be the owner of what appears to be a BMW X5 noticed that their SUV was strapped to the back of a tow truck and getting ready to be taken away, they were not going to sit idle and have any of it! Now, if we were to make an assumption based on prior knowledge, we would assume that the tow truck driver probably told this vehicle’s owner that if they want to pay a drop fee that the truck would low it back down, however, it looks like the driver would rather try their very own way of getting the vehicle back and it’s not something that we would recommend to, well, anybody.

If you follow along with the video below as the driver hops behind the wheel and ends up trying to drive it off the back of the tow truck, he’s definitely doing way more harm than good. Even if it would cost a good amount of money to get this thing dropped off the back of the truck instead of having to go to the impound lot to recover it, it probably cost less than the repairs that are have to be done as the driver frantically thrashes around, attempting to get his vehicle off of the back of the truck. This is definitely a good lesson in exactly what not to do in a situation like this one.