SEMI truck carrying 40,000 pounds is unable to stop in time and strikes Ford F-150, driver miraculously walks away

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It’s quite obvious that one of the top priorities that you want to look for in a vehicle that’s going to take you out and about on the road is safety. Nobody wants to be caught in a deathtrap when something goes down.

In the situation, we check up on a Ford F-150 that managed to survive a gruesome accident that you probably wouldn’t believe if we told you about it.

When a tractor trailer pulling along 40,000 pounds refused to stop moving in time as it approached the rear end of this pickup, it probably looked like all was over for the for guy behind the wheel of the truck.

However, as we’re able to see from what remains of the truck, somehow, this set of wheels managed to save the driver’s life in the process of the ugly wreck.

As you take a walk around during the video below, you simply won’t believe what you are seeing. We think that the driver would probably attest that if it weren’t for the construction of the truck working in the way that it did that he wouldn’t be alive today!