Senior Citizen Arrested for Driving Classic Car by Nevada Highway Patrol

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Police in the US have thousands upon thousands of interactions with the public where things go relatively smoothly.

Occasionally, through complete errors in judgement or miscommunication on one or both sides of the interaction, things take a wrong turn. As we’ve all seen, these situations can end tragically, and often result in unjustified arrests, like we see in this news segment. This couple, headed down the highway in their vintage Chevrolet Impala, is pulled over by the Nevada highway patrol and when the officer runs their plates, he left out a digit that caused a downward spiral of events. The situation was further escalated by another error – again on the part of the department – that resulted in the car’s owner being arrested in quite embarrassing fashion, while his wife was left to straighten out the details.

The information was sorted out eventually, but not before the car’s owner, Robin Bruins, spent a night in jail because of two numerical-entry errors on the part of the police. His wife, Beverly, spent the night trying to sort things out in a hotel. The Bruins’ are filing a lawsuit against the Nevada Highway Patrol, and they certainly have plenty of grounds to do so.