When Showing Off Your Ferrari Goes BAD

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When Showing Off Your Ferrari Goes BAD

So you just bought a Ferrari, better yet it’s a red Ferrari. There is about nothing in the world short of talking monkeys that could possibly draw more attention than what you’re drawing to yourself by getting behind the wheel of one of these bad boys.

The following logic says that a driver of such a machine has no need to go around doing all kinds of boy racer things in the name of getting people to look at them, right?

Well hold on a second, that isn’t completely correct… at least not for this Ferrari owner. Don’t get us wrong, we’re behind anyone that actually takes out their supercar and drives it like it was meant to be driven, but we don’t think this type of crash is exactly what the folks at Ferrari had in mind.

Check out exactly what we’re talking about by watching the video below for yourself.

Now you have to see this moron, this is why you don’t test drive Ferrari’s

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