Skydiver Experiences Two Parachute Malfunctions, Spirals Toward Earth in Near Death Experience

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As you venture toward the sky to seek out a fit of adrenaline, there are certain things that people will naturally worry about. I’m not sure how you go up in an airplane and plan on jumping out without at least considering the possibility that you’re going to splat into the ground at a rate of speed is probably faster than you ever traveled in your entire lifetime. However, I guess that this bit of danger is exactly what makes skydiving such a rush, knowing that you’re living on the edge and just mere moments away from potential disaster.

As you will hear time and time again, it’s pretty unlikely that that disaster is going to actually unfold in your lap, however, human nature dictates that you still can’t let it get out of your head. In this situation, for the skydiver who looks to be an experienced one at that, we see what happens when that small chance becomes a reality, leaving this diver to look death straight in the face as he falls from all those feet above the ground with the cold, hard surface closing in quickly below him and leaving him to have to try and act fast or face becoming a puddle on the ground.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll watch the situation as the first parachute fails, not a big deal, but when the second parachute also gets tangled up, things get a little bit intense and this individual has to a lot of quick maneuvering and thinking in order to make sure that he can fall to the ground at a slow rate of speed, making sure that he has the chance to live another day on this Earth. Luckily, it looks like jumper here did manage to walk away without injury but we’re sure that the feeling he got here is going to be one that sticks with him for quite a while.