Slot Car Drag Racing for Money! All About That Reaction Time!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Drag racing’s off-season often leads to hardcore gearheads coming up with creative ways to get their racing fix.

Winter is prime season for practice tree races, where racers gather to test their reaction times against other drivers, with up to $10,000 on the line at some events. Recently, our friends over at Urban Hillbilly caught up with a group of racers and race fans adding a new twist on the reaction time contest by bringing in a slot car drag strip to give them a little more of that raceday feel.

Reaction time is still the key to turning on the win light, though, and there is some money changing hands as the racers line up to take their shots at the tree and send these miniature hotrods down the electrified racing surface. Keep an eye out for young up-and-coming drag racing photographer Dallas Wilson, in his trademark cabbie hat, lining up to take on the other race fans in attendance. This young man will be a household name in the world of motorsports in a few years, and you can say you saw him racing slot cars during the off-season when he was just a kid!