Small Fishing Boat Caught in the Ocean During MASSIVE Storm, Near Death Experience

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

While, in many situations, you can do a little bit of preparation work to make sure that you’re ready for emergencies, mother nature really has a way of doing whatever it is that she wants. You can get ready until you’re blue in the face, however, there are certain situations that might drop straight into your lap that end up being pretty difficult or are nearly impossible to handle where you just have to do your best and hope that something good comes of it all. There are times, however, where sometimes, even your best won’t be enough to ensure your safety.

As the climate in Florida would dictate, the area really has been known for its weather that seems to change on a dime, taking a day that’s perfectly sunny and changing the skies into something that you would never want to be a part of as winds come ripping along and rain drops down hard. it’s certainly no secret as you have seen lots of heavy storms hit this area with an iron fist, causing millions of dollars in damage, all while the location remains as a resort that many people like to travel to and even retire to.

In this video, we get to join in on the situation that really shows off just how crazy this weather can be and how quickly it will take you from a sunny day where you throw on your bathing suit and go fishing, before switching it up and making it into a situation that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy as dark clouds would roll overhead and the waves start to become bigger and scarier by the second. After watching this one, you might just get your heart racing a little bit faster as all the elements come together to create one incredibly combustible mix.