Stolen Tesla Splits In Half Following Police Pursuit, Crash In West Hollywood

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

With the Tesla being hey a high-dollar item, it shouldn’t be a shocker that thieves have their eyes on the electric car at all times. It looks like the Tesla nameplate is a desirable one, even if it means that you have to go out and steal it, which we wouldn’t necessarily recommend, by the way.

When this thief headed out to the Tesla dealership to get his hands on one, he was probably hoping that the police wouldn’t drop in and crash his party but they did and he took off, causing a pursuit that had some insane consequences that went along with it.

The driver behind the wheel of the electric car wasn’t hanging around to see what the police wanted and officers gave chase, crashing into a median and being sent to the hospital. The Tesla continued to evade and eventually ran into another car and a building after being sheared in half.

The consequences to the actions looked to be rather severe as the car was split in half but we are told that everyone on the scene ended up living through the harsh sequence of events. From the looks of things, these folks are incredibly lucky to have been able to walk away with their lives.