Where Did The Tesla Big Rig Go?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

With the Tesla Cybertruck being unveiled recently, it really seems to have stolen the spotlight within the company. That’s probably not all that surprising, either. After all, it is pretty different and can do some pretty cool things. However, Tesla has an entire wheelhouse of products that they’re pushing into the market.

It can be easy to forget that they have other machines on the horizon that we haven’t even seen yet. For example, the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi are highly anticipated. Machines like the Tesla Semi were announced a couple of years ago. More specifically, the Semi and Roadster were simultaneously unveiled in December of 2017. We have yet to see them hit the street, though.

So what exactly is it that happened to these models? If you’re concerned, don’t worry, they haven’t hit the Tesla recycling bin just yet. Instead, it would appear as if the company is just perfecting them before they actually end up coming out. After all, Tesla has been a company that really over-delivers with strong finished products. We’re sure that they want to continue that lineage with their semi-truck as well.

This time, we dive into exactly what could be going on with the truck and why it hasn’t been brought to market just yet. The first thought that probably comes to mind for most is that maybe Tesla is trying to figure out the range on these things. After all, they did promise a pretty hefty 500 miles with the trucks, all while carrying a substantial load. Instead, initial reports seem to indicate that the truck by even surpasses some of the projections by Tesla. So what gives?

Down in the video below, we get one YouTube user’s perspective on exactly what might be going on here. This landscape is relatively new still, so this could be a hard cookie to crack. Does it have to do with charging? Are we looping back to bottlenecks in Tesla’s production capabilities? When will we see the semi-trucks?

All that and more is discussed below by Tailosive EV.