The All New Mid Engine Corvette Has Been Spotted Hot Lapping The Nürburgring!

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on 11/17/2021

Since the beginning of the Corvette, everybody has been on their toes hoping for Chevrolet to bring a mid-engine V8 sports car to the public. We want the claim to fame of taking down the Euro supercar giants. There’s a sense of pride in proving everybody wrong about American cars. If you’ve watched the old British Top Gear at all, it seemed like we were always under attack about our “rubbish” cars. In the last 10 years, that’s changed dramatically for the better. With Corvettes and Cadillacs setting Nurburgring records and Dodge making one of the consistently fastest straight-line cars in the world affordably, we’ve showed that America isn’t playing around.

It looks like Chevy is finally on top of what the public wants, a mid-engine Corvette. Now that Ford’s GT supercar is back, Chevy has to compete in that market. This competition among manufacturers is what makes these cars continually improve. The latest chat of a mid-engine Corvette were pictures of what looked like a Holden Ute smashed together with a new Stingray. It was definitely a sign that the mid-engine’d ‘Vette was near, but not concrete proof. Now we have that.

For awhile, we’ve known that the next-generation Corvettes hide in Building 54 at Milford Training Grounds. They hide indoors and only venture out at night to hide from wandering eyes. Fortunately, they let their guard down a little and a photographer nabbed these photos of what appears to be the new mid-engine Corvette on track. They aren’t hiding it anymore in a Ute disguise anymore. Here it is… Watch out Ford. The GT-eater is here.

What do you think it will look like with that wrap gone? The car will probably come out around $80k+ to start with packing an LT1 or another 400-500hp powerplant, then after a model year come out with a DOHC 32-valve V8. Eventually we expect to see the hybrid drivetrain coined E-Ray that GM has trademarked to appear in this mid-engined masterpiece. What do you guys think? Ready for the Corvette to take on the world?

Credit to Jalopnik for the Killer Video at the Nürburgring!