The Perfect Freeway Transition, 4 Cars Tandem Drift on Public Roads!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

While drifting has gathered together some popularity here in The States, generally, where you see it go down is on a designated track where drivers slide sideways against one another with the aim of getting the perfect angle and getting as close to each other in tandem as possible. With more angle and a close proximity to the lead drifter, the drivers will accumulate points and the best score wins at the end of the day.This time, we check out a group of four cars whose drivers decided to take their drifting ability off of the track and to public roads where they would go one after the other in a tandem drift as they made their way around a freeway entrance ramp, doing four wide sideways before they straightened backed out and entered the highway. It looks like it took quite the set of driving ability to carry this out, but not everyone is going to be so impressed.

This most certainly isn’t the safest way to make your way onto a public road but it does look like those involved most certainly managed to get a thrill out of the sideways display as they followed one another through the sweeping turn. We aren’t here to criticize, though, but rather to sit back and observe as this unique style of driving is observed in front of the world.

Be sure to check out the video down below that shows off this display and tell us what you think of how they put it on the line. Afterward, tell us what you think about this tandem drift that pushes these drivers and their machines to the edge as they made their way along the streets. I most certainly wouldn’t try this one out at home if I were you!

Posted by Zach MacGillivray on Monday, May 8, 2017