The World's Fastest RC Model Fighter Jet Can Do 462MPH

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

After this radio controlled plane is launched into the air, it really does look like the footage is sped up, at least until you find out that this is the fastest RC plane on the planet and that it’s actually traveling over 400 MPH!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 10.39.58 AM

The plane, owned and piloted by Niels Herbich, is powered by a kerosene-fed Behotec 180 turbine engine that pushes the 16 pound plane to seemingly impossible speeds, reaching a maximum velocity of 462 MPH, which makes it the fastest radio controlled device on the planet. Due to its design, the plane is very stable at these ridiculous speeds, giving Niels complete control, which is good considering how fast this thing is moving and how quickly something could go wrong if he lost control.

Pay close attention to the launch, which we found of particular interest. It appears to be basically a huge slingshot that sends the jet skyward, like a vert rudimentary catapult launched on an aircraft carrier. The plane doesn’t have any landing gear, so Niels has to really take care when landing the plane on its belly so as not to crunch it up, and he does so masterfully!