Things go horrible for this Helicopter pilot! Bad crash on a ship!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Today, it’s almost a given that any type of incident that takes place will be caught on camera, either by a security system of some kind or somebody with a cell phone or GoPro Camera rolling. Before those became so commonplace, an event such as a helicopter crash would be very likely to be have only the stories of the eye witnesses to share. Fortunately the crew about this ship thats found itself locked in the antarctic ice had more than one camera rolling when a pair of choppers drop in supplies and mail to the stranded crew.

The first helicopter comes in with its cargo, makes the drop and leaves without issue. However, the second drop doesn’t go quite as smoothly. Its hard to tell exactly what goes wrong despite some pretty decent quality footage, but it appears that the pilot is just not quite able to sit the chopper all the way down on its skids for some reason. With the chopper being unsettled, it looks like the pilot attempts to take off, perhaps with the intent to swing around and make another attempt and landing aboard the cramped deck. However, it seems one of the skids hangs on something aboard the ship and instead of taking off, the chopper is flipped violently into its side, sending debris from the rotors in all directions.

Amazingly, there were no deaths or even injuries, and luckily for all aboard the vessel, no fire broke out after the crash. While there was certainly a lot of carnage to be dealt with, this situation ended as well as anybody could have hoped!