This Holley LS Fest West 2017 Compilation Has Us Stoked For The Next Event!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you just so happen to be a fanatic about late-model General Motors performance, Holley LS Fest is a series of events that we think you will find yourself to be right at home when attending.

This year, Speed Society attended LS Fest West and to say that this place is like making us giant kids in a candy store would be about accurate.

for more info check out Holley LS Fest by clicking the image below!

While it’s difficult to explain just how much fun a place like this is, videos can do a little bit more justice toward putting you on the scene of the action to see exactly what an event like this has to offer so that’s exactly what we are doing this time with this little compilation mix.

Ride along with all of the action as presented by Holley themselves as they do a great job of outlining everything that this bash in the desert had to offer at Las Vegas Motor Speedway as it spanned everything from off-road trucks to drag racing to drifting and even featured a little bit of motocross and car show action sprinkled in. Be sure to tell us what you think of this event, personally, I think that every gear head should attend this one!