Innocent Driver Issued $7,800 Ticket for Going Over 400 mph!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

As someone who has ended up getting a ticket in the mail for something where there was no police officer even present, I could admit that firsthand, I know that it can be a pretty infuriating situation. However, what this driver had to go through would prove to be even more so as they would get a ticket in the mail that presented a situation that couldn’t even be physically possible with the factors involved. When you look at scenarios like this, it really makes you question the legitimacy of some of these programs that have cameras in place to do the jobs of police officers.

If you don’t live in an area with speeding cameras, you might not be all that aware of what they do. However, the name pretty much says it all as the cameras watch and wait, looking to sense a car that’s rolling by at a high rate of speed before clicking a couple photos and sending a ticket in the mail to the person who the car’s tag is registered to. It might be something that’s quite effective for those issuing the tickets, however, this time, we follow along with a scenario where one of these cameras decided to issue a ticket to a driver allegedly traveling at 400 mph, not a likely scenario.

Upon digging deeper into the issue, one that would cost $7800 for really peddling down and killing the speed limit and probably a couple of land speed records to go along with it, the driver would later find out that it was simply a mistake. However, that still wasn’t enough to get them off the hook for the ticket as somebody somewhere would be able to figure out that the car was still allegedly traveling at 10 mph over the speed limit and would then be pegged for around $60. It’s kind of crazy that even after such an embarrassing blunder, that they still decided to ticket the driver anyway. It’s unclear how the situation proceeded from there but, I have to say if I were the driver, I think that some further negotiation would be on the table.