Throwback - Big Chief's Commute Home...In The Crow!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Even the most casual of Street Outlaws fans remember’s Big Chief’s original Crow, his beloved GTO that he built from stock to become the baddest ride in the 405. Unfortunately, the Crow was destroyed in a brutal top-end crash while racing Detroit rival Brian Davis. Both cars were heavily damaged in the crash and Chief’s back still bothers him to this day due to the seat breaking while the car tumbled and rolled in the chaos.

Looking back to better days, the Crow had been black for most of its life, but Chief decided an overhaul was needed, so he had it painted stark white with the GTO’s trademark eyebrow stripes above the fenders. The car looked great, and Chief wanted to show it off. Back then, the cars on the show were a bit more streetable than they are now, so instead of loading it up in the trailer, Chief fired it up and drove it home from the shop!

I can only imagine driving a twin turbo powered drag car on monster slicks with a parachute hanging off the rear bumper through town, but as most of us know, Chief isn’t exactly the type to care what anybody thinks about him and his shenanigans, so off he goes as if it’s nothing at all.

While most of the ride is relatively tame, Chief does roll hard into the throttle around the 5:15 mark, with the car building speed so fast that the fiberglass dash jars loose, though it just falls on one side. Chief simply jams it back into place and likely found a loose fastener that should have been holding it in place when he got the car to the house.

Watching the pull from his truck, Shawn sees the car fading into the distance and leaving. A beautiful pair of black marks. Just as the Chief lifts out of the gas, you can hear a small rock smack Shawn’s windshield, leaving him chuckling that Chief owes him for a new front glass.