Tiny Truck Unloads Huge Boat Like a Boss!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We have to admit, this went nothing at all like we expected. After seeing literally dozens – and we’re sure there are countless others we haven’t seen yet – of videos of full sized trucks and even SUV’s sinking while trying to launch boats on concrete boat ramps, we completely expected this diminutive SUV to be the next to join the ranks of those lost to the watery depths.

Instead, the Little Truck That Could launched this gorgeous Sea Ray that’s easily double its size seemingly effortlessly.

Looking closely at the video, which we did over and over, it looks like there are a couple of factors at play that helped this SUV, identified as a 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero by the video’s uploader – deliver this Sea Ray so easily. The most obvious is the angle of the entry into the water.

Most boat ramps are fairly steep, which keeps the truck from having to back too far into the water, but also means gravity can often overcome friction, especially with wet tires, and keep the truck from being able to drive back to dry land. And speaking of tires, that also looks to be a pretty significant factor in the Pajero being able to drive back to shore. Most of the trucks we see struggling to get back to dry land have factory tires, which again are fine for dry pavement but not so great when they’re wet. The Pajero has some short, wide tires that give it plenty of grip, allowing it to easily drive forward, despite being on a beach instead of a concrete boat launch.

Of course, the biggest factor could very well be the driver, who obviously knows what he’s doing behind the wheel. Obviously, years of experience launching boats at this location would mean the driver is intimately familiar with the beach and how to launch boats here. All of these factors together make this guy a legend; we could sit and watch videos of him doing this all day!