Top 10 Celebrity Car Collectors

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you find yourself reading this article then you have probably spent some portion of time in your life daydreaming about what your ultimate car collection looks like. Even those who are only slightly interested in cars surely have picked out some of their favorites that they would go out and buy if money were no object.

For most, such a situation is probably a far cry from reality, though. Even though some will be able to accumulate enough wealth to maybe buy a nice car or two that will make the neighbors stop and stare, most will never be at a point where they can reach out and grab those rides that cost millions of dollars, but that’s okay!

In this video, we’re given an inside look at a group of people who have the opportunity to basically spend endless money on whatever cars on their list tickle their fancy. With names like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Leno, and John Cena just to name not even half of the people on the list, you can probably imagine what these collections look like. Prepare to drool!

Check out the video down below that collects a list of some of the most impressive celebrities who have decided to take on collecting cars in a big way in their spare time. Be sure to tell us which of the group you think has the most impressive collection. Also, chime in with what cars you think are missing from the most impressive collection on this list.