Tour The Most Expensive and Luxurious RV Ever Made

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to mobile living, there are a lot of ways to spend life on the road. Of course, picking out just the right one is going to depend on many factors including preferences and of course, budget. This time, the crew from TFL takes it upon themselves to show us what true luxury on the road is like.

The topic of discussion this time is the Prevost Emerald RV. This isn’t just any RV, though. Instead, it lays clean to the most luxurious and expensive motorhome on the streets. Within this custom-built bus, we find the luxury at just about every turn. When something lays claim to being the most expensive of anything, we expect some extreme attention to detail and that’s exactly what we get with this particular example. People on board shouldn’t even have to think twice about the fact that they are on the road. The manufacturer really took that into consideration.

The machine is built on a 45-foot long Prevost bus platform and powered by a Volvo D13 turbo-diesel straight-six engine. The combination is capable of 500 horsepower and about 1,700 lb-ft of torque. As we go over the mechanical workings, we find that they share something in common with the luxury onboard. The vehicle is designed to be so smooth that it’s as much like home as possible, even delivering some things at home probably doesn’t have. That effect comes into play with an engine that will effortlessly pull the machine along.

As far as price goes, this is where things get a little bit murky. For one reason or another, nobody really wants to spill the beans on what one of these things cost. However, it is referred to as a “Multi-million dollar” machine several times. TFL also tells us that “If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.”

For those who aren’t exactly fans of the ambiguous, a little bit of digging gave us an idea of the actual dollar figure. What we found was that most older (2018 or so) versions of the same model come in at over $1 million. Other newer models by the same manufacturer ask north of $2 million. While keeping in mind that this particular model is supposed to be the most expensive, that kind of gives a good idea of what to expect.