Truck cuts off lane splitting rider, regrets it Immediatley

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

In some situations, people just really need to mind their own business but for some reason, as you can probably imagine, a lot of them simply don’t as they feel the need to poke into the affairs of others and play with fire in situations like this one. This truck driver probably has a serious case of regret right about now.

Now, in some places the act of lane splitting is illegal and another places it’s legal but in either situation, that is for the police to decide and enforce, not random drivers on the road who feel slighted by the act. Legal or not, what this Ford Ranger driver did was enough to piss just about anybody and if it’s not clear from this video, that’s exactly what happened here.

We watch from the dash cam in a truck on the highway as a couple of motorcycle riders were making their way through traffic, splitting lanes, when all of a sudden, the truck driver hopped out of his lane and smashed into the rider, throwing him from the bike in a scary moment that is enough to make anyone’s heart drop.

In a fit of rage, the rider hopped up and chased down the pickup truck and hopped right on in the bed as the slow moving traffic wouldn’t allow the truck driver to get away. He did it now!

From the way the rider described it, the driver began swinging a bat, breaking out his own back window. This is when the motorcycle rider found a pipe in the bed of the truck which he threw through the window, inadvertently hitting a girl in the passenger seat of the truck. He says that, from there, the man wanted to pull over because he was even more furious but the girl inside simply wouldn’t let him.

It was at this point that the rider would just check out the license plate number and hop back out of the truck. This is most certainly a wild story if we have ever heard one and the video evidence is there to back it up! Check out the situation yourself below!