Trucker gives car driver a little driving lesson

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

There are plenty of drivers out there that really need to get a grasp on patience being key to getting to your destination successfully. Far too many drivers let some awkward sense of over self-importance get the best of them as they make irrational decisions out on the roadways.

This time, we check out a situation that has a driver caught on dash cam when he thinks that it would be a good idea to try and go around a semi truck on a crowded street in a dangerous area that most certainly doesn’t look like it’d be a good idea to try and overtake someone in.

Now, most of the time, with a less maneuverable vehicle, truck drivers would do nothing but sit there and just write it off as another inconsiderate driver, but this truck driver hopped to action, speeding up so that the car couldn’t pass and forcing them to drive the wrong direction in traffic before pulling over in front of and stopping the car altogether.

It was only then that the driver of the car threw it in reverse and high-tailed it out of there when confronted. I bet that a situation like this will really make this driver think twice next time they have that “me first” attitude out there on the roadways.