Tug boat tips over when it tows a ship sideways, man overboard!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Its hard to say exactly what’s going on in this video, as far as how this tugboat came to be the boat being towed instead of doing the towing. Perhaps it didn’t get the lines released before the larger boat powered up and headed for the open sea, or maybe the tug lost power and the momentum of the bigger ship caused this incident.

Regardless of why it happened, this tense moment was caused when the huge vessel from which the camera is filming pulled this small tugboat sideways, which caused it to topple over and dump a couple of crewmen into the churning sea. As soon as the rope breaks or is cut, the tub pops back up like a child’s bath toy, and most of the crew manages to hang onto the railing and stay aboard. However, a couple of them are dunked into the water and will have to be plucked from the wetness by the tug’s crew.

Hopefully nobody was injured in the incident and all were returned to the safety the deck. This just shows how quickly things can take a turn for the worse on the water, even when dealing with big, seemingly slow-moving vessels.